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Surround yourself with people, sensations and experiences that nurture your best memories

The Royal Goldfieldd Club Resort (RGCR) is a private members club that embodies the celebration of leisure and the pursuit of excellence through sports, hospitality, recreation and community engagement. 

Designed as a lifestyle facility, our club provides a stimulating atmosphere for members to fulfil their aspirations as they experience rewarding pursuits in the company of family, friends & a globally affiliated network.

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Our members are aspirational achievers, motivated explorers & discerning lifestyle enthusiasts.

We welcome members who seek and facilitate a convergence of diverse insights, experiences & aspirations amongst our community.

Embrace an environment where aspirational minds come together to exchange ideas, deepen bonds & foster a collective legacy. 

The goldfieldd lifestyle


Nestled on a hill, overlooking the Arabian sea, our club-resort boasts a plethora of facilities, services, activities & events for our members & visitors.

Live, Play & Rejoice as you discover the wonders of Dapoli with RGCR.

  • World Class Cricket & Outdoor Sports
  • Outfield Dining & Culinary Delights
Exhilarating Sports & Recreational Experiences
  • Indoor Sports & Recreation
  • Outdoor Recreation & Cultural Tourism in Dapoli
One Membership, Multiple Privileges

Embrace an environment where aspirational minds come together to exchange ideas, deepen bonds & foster a collective legacy. 

Celebrate common interests and promote new ones among your club peers. Share your love for sports and other common interests that bind this community together and promote opportunities that forge new friendships.

Forward an impactful club culture & strengthen camaraderie by leading and/or participating in member-led activities and programs.

Enjoy inclusive access to our professional grade sports facilities, turn every friendly game into a special occasion, for exceptional experiences are best enjoyed in the company of your loved ones. 

  • Interact, compete & socialise with fellow members across industries & professions at our in-person and virtual engagements.
  • Unlock access to exclusive private events, tournaments & initiatives.
  • Bond over a bottle of fine wine or your favourite sprit at the Royal Sports Bar, or book our private suites & meeting facilities that ensure quality conversations.
  • Find your dream team or potential collaborators as you share our facilities, discuss, brainstorm and grow with other talented individuals. 

Engage with peers and get orientated with premiere club communities across geographies with our affiliated clubs. Revel in your privileges wherever you go and enjoy new and exclusive experiences with RGCR’s affiliated clubs & members.

Enjoy your club lifestyle today & witness the value of your membership appreciate over time. A long-term investment, with exclusive real-time privileges & experiential lifestyle dividends for you & your loved ones.

We make it easy for members to host a corporate event at our club, ensuring your meetings, team-building events & special gatherings are memorable. Our trusted team handles all details for dinners, fundraisers, seminars, product launches and more.

Avail priority assistance & exclusive offers for room bookings, other club-resort facilities & supplementary recreational activities/events. Assistance extends to your family, friends & extended network.

Dapoli is India’s iconic tourist destination situated amidst the majestic hills & picturesque beaches of Konkan, in Maharashtra. Also known by the moniker ‘Mini Goa’ for its pristine beaches spread across 50 KMs of shoreline & for having a year-round cool climate. Dapoli is also reputed for a multitude of cultural & leisure attractions like:

  • Beaches – Murud, Karde, Ladghar, Harne, Anjarle
  • Water Sports
  • Dolphin Safari
  • Panhalekaji Caves
  • Suvarnadurga Fort
  • Asud Waterfall
  • Shri Ganesh Temple
  • Bhagwan Parshuram Statue
  • Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth and Museum
  • Fresh Seafood & Coastal Delicacies 

Rejuvenate by escaping the hustle & bustle of urban settings, be inspired by the serenity presented by our resort’s natural surroundings. Connect with your roots as you walk and/or bicycle along meandering trails that hug the surrounding hills. Our staff is dedicated towards supporting you as you unplug and enjoy these calm & mindful moments. 

Experience genuine rejuvenation and leisure during your stay as you explore the beauty of our resort and take advantage of our various amenities. Extend the camaraderie you built on the field to the Clubhouse as you entertain your fellow members & guests at our dining and socialising venues.

Join the community

Embrace an environment where aspirational minds come together to exchange ideas, deepen bonds & foster a collective legacy.

Rejuvenation with Tranquility

our spacious suites

Our pavilion clubhouse boasts of 24-outfield suites facilitating leisurely retreats with majestic views of our ground & its lush surroundings.

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Inspired by gymkhana heritage, surrounded by nature & serviced by a dedicated staff 

Goldfieldd Hospitality

All the Essentials for a Cozy and Comfortable Stay

Housekeeping Services

Relax in immaculate accommodations maintained by our dedicated team.

Wifi & Satellite TV

Stay connected with high-speed wifi & satellite TVs.

Exclusive Private Reservations

Reserve the entire clubhouse for private & tailored experiences.

Goldfieldd Concierge

Let our dynamic team organise bespoke experiences in & around Dapoli

Priority Reservation Assistance

Members & direct references enjoy priority bookings and exclusive offers.

Station Pick-up Service

Enjoy station pick-up for a seamless journey.

Outfield Dining Experiences

Culinary Delights at RGCR

Culinary excellence is an integral experience of our club resort. 

Our bar and restaurant pay tribute to gymkhana dining traditions, from club sandwiches, crisp pakoras to chilled drinks that are accompanied by cheers from fellow diners. These are ideal venues to witness spectacular plays as the cracks of a bat and sounds of applause fill the air.  

Our dining venues boast spacious layouts & provide a relaxed atmosphere, enabling our members to entertain their families, friends & guests at a leisurely pace. 

a gateway to an exclusive club lifestyle

Embrace an environment where aspirational minds come together to exchange ideas, deepen bonds & foster a collective legacy.

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